8 reasons why you should Digitise a Paper Form

Saves Time

It is reported that an estimated 40% reduction in time taken to complete a digital form, compared to a physical form. This time saving comes from intuitive design and limitation of errors. For example:
  • Use Drop Down selections reducing the need for free text
  • Hide irrelevant questions using conditional logic
  • Automate SUM & COUNT Calculations based on previous answers
  • Prefill Data, such as Username, Email, Current Date/Time etc to save users time.
  • Connect to Databases to pull data rather than asking the user to key information every time.

Validate Data

There is nothing worse than having to go back to a client asking them to clarify information you can’t decipher on their form.  It wastes your time, it wastes their time and it all could have been avoided with digital forms.  Also, with data validation, you can ensure that entries meet criteria to make it less likely to fail, for example – asking for an email address, when handwritten and not clear you could be emailing the wrong person, or get bounce backs.

Data is ready for use

Asking someone to write a form out, then asking someone else to type it up is crazy – double handling and inefficient.  Have the data in digital content you can use it later on in multiple processes.  Even if you have to cut and paste the content it is quicker and less error prone than retyping.

Conditional Questions – Skip to question X

Keep your form from looking like a daunting 20 page document by only showing questions that are applicable for that scenario.  Guiding users down a path is a lot easier to manage, and less off putting.

Digital is 24/7 & worldwide

Asking a client to physically come to your office to fill in forms when it is convenient to you, not them, is sooo last century.  Host a form online and your client can complete it in their own time, not restricted to your opening hours.  They don’t even need to be in the same country, which potentially opens your business up to a much wider market.

Integration to 3rd Party Services

Now you have Data in a digital format is where the true time saving can start, you can now push that information into multiple systems and applications.  I’ve seen people take a paper form and add the contact details into their service system, accounts system and marketing CRM, which is crazy.  Using integration, you can streamline this service reducing time and eliminating errors.

Doesn’t require a pen

Nothing worse than someone asking you to fill in something and then spending wasted minutes hunting around for a pen.

It is now an expectation

Digital is mainstream, not just millennial.  Generally people can type faster than they can write.  Using personal productivity tools lets them auto fill their contact details.  If you aren’t providing digital content, you aren’t just falling behind the race leaders you are falling out of the race.

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