Transform Your Business with Refinery

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Customers are searching for a better user experience more than ever when interacting with businesses online. This has driven many organisations to transform their business digitally and create a competitive landscape in today’s world. This article will shed some light on who Refinery is  – a leading digital agency focused on modern transformation for organisations […]

How to Create & Host Webinars using Microsoft Teams


Tips and tricks to help you deliver a professional virtual event Great News – Microsoft has recently launched webinars in Teams!!  This is great news for those of you who train or regularly present to a group of people.  Using Webinars, we can request registration for an event and have greater control while we present […]

How we automatically create recurring tasks in Microsoft Planner


Task Management using Planner The growth in clients utilising Microsoft Planner for task management in Office 365 has been incredible.  Team leaders are looking to have more visibility on tasks assigned.  Even individuals are loving being able to see all their tasks in the Planner app in Teams.  There has however been one major flaw, […]

How to see what Office 365 license you have?


You might have tried to figure out what Office 365 or Microsoft 365 license you have. Usually trying to workout what products you are entitled to. So here is a quick video to help you work that out!

Outlook for Android

I use Outlook for Android to consolidate all my emails for work and personal.  It’s super simple to use, but there are some features that if you didn’t know were there – make sure to take advantage of them. Download our Outlook for Android Cheat Sheet for a step by step walk through. Remember to […]

Digitally transform your business to provide a better user experience online

Get a Free Website Audit  – worth $250 – today! Businesses locally in New Zealand and globally have rapidly moved to the digital environment during COVID-19. What we’re experiencing is no doubt a catalyst for change. Although there is uncertainty about what the future holds, one thing we’re sure on is – it will be […]

Working from Home Live Event

Working from Home – Live Event We hosted a live event on the day NZ government announced Level 4 lock down. It was fortuitous timing, but it is a message we’ve been pushing for some time now, with Modern Workplaces demanding more flexibility and mobility in their work, the challenges of remote working have become […]

Teams or Zoom – which video conferencing solution should I use?

Short Answer… both While both products are hugely popular and growing at an massive rate, especially due to Covid-19 Isolation protocols. Teams is ideal for internal meetings and communication. You can externally share meetings to small groups too. This is my preference for most of my online meetings as I know the content is secure […]

Office 365 is full of resources, but doesn’t make you resourceful.


  Office 365 is a great service, it is packed full of resources. You have: your Office Applications like Word, Excel and Outlook; SharePoint and all of its features; Teams for communication and collaboration; Planner & ToDo which help with task list management, sharing and tracking. There are also some less commonly known tools like: […]

Why Should You Use Google My Business in 2019?

Google My Business

Google My Business is an important online asset for your business to be found online. Local searches are essential to getting found by customers and getting as much information about your business. Being found online regarding your location relative to your customer will help increase sales and conversions. Here are reasons why Google My Business […]

Automated Billing Process – Office 365 Licenses

Project Outline: Think IT is a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) which means they resell cloud products like Office 365 licenses to their clients.  They paid for an application “developed in the USA” which was already expensive and had major limitations in its design.  The cost of the application also fluctuated with the exchange rates so […]

Power BI Client Dashboard – Office 365 Licenses

Project Outline: Phase 1 of the project was Automating the billing of the licenses, read more here. Phase 2 – Our client Think I.T. who are an Auckland and Waikato based IT services company required a dashboard on their website to allow clients to view their Office 365 license count and users.  This had to be […]

Role of AI Chatbots in the Healthcare Industry

AI chatbots

In the past couple of years, there has been a lot of buzz about AI (Artificial Intelligence) and the changes it is bringing about in various industries. From the social media channels, we virtually live on, to the IoT (Internet of Things) devices that power our homes, they all have AI running in the background […]

Can you record meetings on Teams?

One question commonly asked is about recording meetings on Teams. As of early 2018 the record meeting function wasn’t available in TEAMS, I am pleased to announce that it is now available and it is awesome. From within a channel (not private chat at this stage) when you initiate a team meeting you have the […]

Is Microsoft Teams Replacing Skype for Business?

  The official word is that Teams is a single client experience to handle many functions within Office 365, one of which is Skype for Business (SfB).  Much like how you can access Word and Excel via Teams, SfB is still a stand-alone product, but the features of which are available in Teams. “There is […]

Does Teams Replace SharePoint ?

  The simple answer is no. All SharePoint users and developers will tell you that Teams 100% isn’t a replacement for SharePoint, a statement that I agree is true, SharePoint is a fantastic tool, the configuration and customization is incredible which is why it is so popular. “However, it might replace the decision to implement […]

Mobile App – Employee of the Month Nomination

Brief: Create a Mobile App for staff members to nominate each other using the 3 pillars of Success (Categories). Result: We created an internal use app hosted on Office 365, using PowerApps.  This made of a few simple pages, one introduction followed by a form. Once the app was created, we ran staff training sessions […]

Lost Time is Never Found

  Benjamin Franklin famously stated that “You may delay, but time will not, and lost time is never found again”  Usually this is relayed in resolving procrastination, but I believe it still rings true to process improvement – avoiding wasted time!   What do I mean by Wasted Time? Continuing to perform repetative tasks – there are many tools out there […]

Application Integration with Hubspot

Think IT is a mid-sized IT company based in Auckland, servicing nationwide clients for IT support and Infrastructure. This particular project arose when Think IT implemented a marketing tool HubSpot, which has the ability to import a list of contacts via csv file from their service ticketing tool.  However it was obvious that maintaining two […]

5 reasons to use ChatBots for your business

ChatBots are becoming increasingly popular with businesses, being able to provide immediate answers to common questions asked by your clients and prospects. Here is why you should get your chatbox turned on today: Millennials like to use Chat The millennial generation are become the age of prime spending and if they aren’t already your target […]

AI is going to change your workplace

Artificial intelligence

It is so inspiring to see some cutting-edge ingenuity right here in New Zealand, leading at the forefront of artificial intelligence.  Soul Machine, a company founded by Mark Sagar is taking the global stage on this topic and certainly a company to look out for – especially at the Air NZ lounges.