What is CX and EX?

map lying on wooden table

We help you reinvent the way your customers and employees experience your brand and organisation. This is defined into two fundamental strategies: CX which stands for Customer Experience and EX which stands for Employee Experience. Both are pivotal in creating efficiency and effectiveness with your teams and customers, resulting in a powerful synergy that will […]

Working from Home Live Event

Working from Home – Live Event We hosted a live event on the day NZ government announced Level 4 lock down. It was fortuitous timing, but it is a message we’ve been pushing for some time now, with Modern Workplaces demanding more flexibility and mobility in their work, the challenges of remote working have become […]

Teams or Zoom – which video conferencing solution should I use?

Short Answer… both While both products are hugely popular and growing at an massive rate, especially due to Covid-19 Isolation protocols. Teams is ideal for internal meetings and communication. You can externally share meetings to small groups too. This is my preference for most of my online meetings as I know the content is secure […]

Microsoft Teams Introduces Urgent Message Notification capability.

Microsoft teams urgent notifications

Want to get your colleagues attention to something that is important within a conversation or to get your managers attention on an urgent request from a client? Microsoft Teams now introduces the capability of doing just that. The new feature within the platform helps you mark a message as Standard, Important or Urgent. Standard message […]

Can you record meetings on Teams?

One question commonly asked is about recording meetings on Teams. As of early 2018 the record meeting function wasn’t available in TEAMS, I am pleased to announce that it is now available and it is awesome. From within a channel (not private chat at this stage) when you initiate a team meeting you have the […]

Is Microsoft Teams Replacing Skype for Business?

  The official word is that Teams is a single client experience to handle many functions within Office 365, one of which is Skype for Business (SfB).  Much like how you can access Word and Excel via Teams, SfB is still a stand-alone product, but the features of which are available in Teams. “There is […]

Does Teams Replace SharePoint ?

  The simple answer is no. All SharePoint users and developers will tell you that Teams 100% isn’t a replacement for SharePoint, a statement that I agree is true, SharePoint is a fantastic tool, the configuration and customization is incredible which is why it is so popular. “However, it might replace the decision to implement […]