What is CX and EX?

map lying on wooden table

We help you reinvent the way your customers and employees experience your brand and organisation. This is defined into two fundamental strategies: CX which stands for Customer Experience and EX which stands for Employee Experience. Both are pivotal in creating efficiency and effectiveness with your teams and customers, resulting in a powerful synergy that will […]

Office 365 is full of resources, but doesn’t make you resourceful.


  Office 365 is a great service, it is packed full of resources. You have: your Office Applications like Word, Excel and Outlook; SharePoint and all of its features; Teams for communication and collaboration; Planner & ToDo which help with task list management, sharing and tracking. There are also some less commonly known tools like: […]

Case Study: Customer Satisfaction & Reporting for Think I.T.

Think I.T. needed a system for collecting customer satisfaction results. They already had a system, but it had some shortcomings and costs were due to increase. Think I.T. engaged with Business Refinery to remap the process and look for improvements. About Think I.T. Think I.T. are an Auckland & Waikato based MSP (Managed Services Provider). […]

Lost Time is Never Found

  Benjamin Franklin famously stated that “You may delay, but time will not, and lost time is never found again”  Usually this is relayed in resolving procrastination, but I believe it still rings true to process improvement – avoiding wasted time!   What do I mean by Wasted Time? Continuing to perform repetative tasks – there are many tools out there […]