Business Refinery Is Now Digital Refinery

We have recently rebranded from Business Refinery to Digital Refinery.

When Business Refinery was started, we had a clear mission as a company to help to Digitally transform businesses by helping them setup better internal systems and processes & create marketing campaigns that attracted new customers online instead of relying solely on traditional mediums.  

As we grew rapidly in the past couple of years, we realised that our service offering need to be more hyper focussed in the respective areas to help our customers grow. Hence, from the two divisions of one company (Business Refinery), we have now created two brands called Digital Refinery and Custom 365 with dedicated teams and resources that will tailor the offering based on your needs.  

Digital Refinery has the same objective of being the leader in Digital Marketing and Implementation space while custom 365 now is dedicated to helping larger organisations setup their internal systems and processes.  

Thank you for your patience while we evolve into our new brand over the next few weeks to serve you better.

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