Case Study: Customer Satisfaction & Reporting for Think I.T.

Think I.T. needed a system for collecting customer satisfaction results. They already had a system, but it had some shortcomings and costs were due to increase. Think I.T. engaged with Business Refinery to remap the process and look for improvements.

About Think I.T.

Think I.T. are an Auckland & Waikato based MSP (Managed Services Provider). With a large client base, they are focused on providing excellence in customer service, and as such, they need a system to enable feedback from their clients – both positive and negative. They have a team rewards program for success and a review process to refine any possible deficiencies in service.

The Solution

After reviewing the brief, it was clear that the solution must be as easy as possible for the client to rate and respond to. People are not going to offer feedback if it is difficult and time-consuming to do. Refinery decided to make it image based, where a client is only required to click an image to submit their satisfaction. There is also an option to add text if the client wishes to do so. Think I.T. needed to track who the client was and what service ticket was being referenced.

4 options for satisfaction rating.

After consideration, it was decided that 4 options were best. Think IT’s old system only had three faces and they were finding when people selected the middle option, it was unclear if whether they were giving a positive or negative review. In giving four options, it made it easier for the client to choose.

The Trigger: When a service ticket was closed by Think IT, the client received an email in which the emoji’s were embedded. The URL of the images held the client’s name and ticket reference, which would then be displayed to Think IT when feedback was received.


The Form: using the URL link of the images we parsed through the Client Name, Ticket Reference and the Satisfaction Rating, which pre-populates the answers on the form. There is also another field for comments if the client wants to add some specific feedback.

Power BI Dashboard (sanitised for privacy)

Reporting: Now that we are gathering feedback we need to report on it. Think I.T. already had mounted TV’s in their helpdesk, which has service stats and KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) already available. Refinery created a Power BI dashboard that can be accessed over a browser. This is cycled on rotation on the TV so that it regularly comes into view in the room.

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