Employee Experience

What is Employee Experience?

How the people within the organisation interact with the business is core to the sustainable growth of the organisation.

Implementing technology that not only enables staff to perform, but also empowers them to excel is what drives culture, growth and retention. 

The working force is becoming more demanding on the use and implementation of technology, in our personal lives there is an app for everything, but yet often in the workplace it is restricted and cumbersome.

Bring technology to your team with planned, purposeful implementation ready for success.

Our EX services.

Discovery Workshop
The outcome of the discovery workshop will help us write up a plan to go forward, with informed decisions and clarified scope.
Cloud Migration Service
Moving to the cloud means something different to everyone. For us, it’s a digital transformation of your business information, processes and operations.

yOUR EX journey

Every journey through digital transformation is unique.  We listen to what your current struggles or objectives are and map out the right course of action for you.  However, this is a typical journey that we often base our conversations around.

Discovery Workshop

Understanding where you are now, where you want to go and how technology can help shape that.

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Teams Implementation

Bringing conversation and collaboration into the modern workplace.

Teams is becoming the go to platform for building solutions and processes conveniently in one place for users across the organisation.

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Build SharePoint Intranet

Empowering staff with resources, company updates, events and information.

Distribute information across your whole organisation.

Build a great experience for all your team and wow new recruits with an awesome day one experience!

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Cloud Document Migration

Migrate all company shared documents to SharePoint and present them in Teams, gain mobility, collaboration and versioning as well as tools such as approvals.

The search function is outstanding, easily find files by any keyword.   Promote priority documents to Navigation for easy access.

Moving to the cloud should be about productivity gains, not just a file dump.

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Refined Policy Management (RPM)

A very smart document library for Policies and Procedure Management.

Broadcast tasks to staff to sign off newly published policy documents, creating an audit trail.

Get review reminders on a cycle to ensure the documents are managed and maintained.

Trigger tasks again for staff if the file gets updated.

Initiate Induction tasks for new recruits.

Deploy Operational Apps

Our prebuilt but customisable apps for your organisation - built for either SharePoint or Teams.

  • Health & Safety 
  • Complaints Management 
  • Visitor Log Book 
  • Task Management with Planner and ToDo 
  • Shifts, Rosters and Leave Management
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Customised Intelligent Productivity

  • Customised Solutions with Power Platform 
  • RPA, A.I. document processing and automated workflows 
  • Custom Apps for your team to streamline processes 
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Continual Improvement 

Digital Transformation isn’t a one and done exercise, it’s about constant incremental steps to improve your businesses operational maturity. 

Our continual improvement plans ensure you remain on track with a managed, secure and up to date environment, which we always add value through growth and continued implementation of additional features and functions.

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