Proactive Hosting & Security

At Business Refinery we provide pro-active hosting which mean we regularly check your websites for any issues, update all your plugins which keep your security intact and also keep you informed of any anomaly. See below for more information on the service.

Website hosting is the place or server where your website is hosted or stored. Hosting is related to the backend storage and management of your website and is different than Web Design / Development. 

Domain is the online address for your business. is a domain name.  

Your domain is pointed/directed to your hosting. So, when someone types in your address online, say, the internet then goes and find that server where your website is stored and display the information.  

Its basically like saying why is a good foundation for your house important. If the hosting is not good (which means your website is not stored on a good server and crammed with another 100 websites within a small storage space). It will significantly impact your website performance and this in turn makes your website slow and people will get frustrated and leave your site to find someone faster.  

Yes, absolutely! Having a good and premium hosting helps your website speed. Website speed is considered one of the top factors that affect SEO performance.  

Remember, you get what you pay for. When the hosting is cheap it is because your website is crammed with another 100 websites in the same small storage space online. You will realise that over a period your website starts to slow down and starts causing issues. Website hosting is directly related to your Google rankings, so when your website speed is slow you will start losing leads and eventually get pushed back in Google rankings. Hence we provide only the best hosting possible for your website.

What is included in the $99 per month fee? 

We believe in providing value for your money, so the above cost also includes the cost of the advanced security and spam protection plugins, website builders like Elementor Pro that give your site unique design capability and Professional image optimisers that help your images load instantly and help your website speed.  

Note: If you need additional plugins other than the ones we include in our standard package for specific capability that will be quoted extra and discussed with you.

WordPress Core Updates

We handle all major updates automatically to ensure sites stay up to date and test the minor updates before updating them.  

Increased Speed 

Our customers enjoy an average of 27 % faster load times by switching to our hosting service.

CDN network

Our hosting is provisioned in such a way that no matter where your client is searching for your business across the globe, your website will be available on the server in their country which means faster website load speeds globally! 

Fast and Secure Hosting

We provide fast and secure hosting for your website, so they load quickly and have a  good experience on desktop, mobile and tabletWe 

SSL Certificates

Our hosting has provision to deploy your SSL certificates to keep your website transactions safe.  

Threat Detection & Blocking

Let us dynamically detect and block malicious behavior with our proprietary system.  

24 Hour Backups

We perform daily backups on your websites to give you peace of mind in case you run into any site issues. 

Disaster Recovery

In the unlikely event your site is compromised, bounce back quickly with our expert recovery help. 

Plug in Updates

Your plugins will be updated at a minimum of once a month. You will receive up to one hour of technical service available for issues that may arise due to plugin updates.  

Disallowed Plugins

As part of the normal security and performance scans that our hosting service runs on our customer environments, we also scan for plugins that may be on our disallowed plugin list, and adversely affecting environment performance and / or security. 

The Most Unique Feature Is Our Staff.

If you have an issue with your website, we are available to help asap. You don’t need to worry about contacting support or sorting out the issue. The experts in our team will get this resolved for you. All of this at no extra cost if your ever goes down or someone on your team mucks up and causes issues where you need to restore a previous version from back up.  

(All cost mentioned excludes GST, if you are based outside NZ there is no GST charge)  

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