How we automatically create recurring tasks in Microsoft Planner

Task Management using Planner

The growth in clients utilising Microsoft Planner for task management in Office 365 has been incredible.  Team leaders are looking to have more visibility on tasks assigned.  Even individuals are loving being able to see all their tasks in the Planner app in Teams.  There has however been one major flaw, which has been highlighted often in the planner feedback forum.
Working with our clients, we realise that most commonly team leaders were reopening tasks when they were completed so they reappear on the To Do list, however this broke any history or auditing of the tasks.  So we worked with those client and determined what is commonly required for creating recurring tasks in planner, we set out to build a solution.

Recurring Planner Tasks

The concept of this solution is that you have a central list of “Task Templates” which everyday (currently 8am) runs a script to create any task in the assigned plan if the occurrence meets the criteria of today – for example, if today is Friday the 26th, the task will either be a Friday Task, or a 25th of the Month task.

You can then publish these to a mapped planner plan, it’s super simple and you don’t need to know how the backend works – just set and forget.

planner tasks

Contact us to find out more about how we can implement this onto your Office 365 site and ensure your team are on top of their reoccuring and repeating tasks.

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