Lost Time is Never Found


Benjamin Franklin famously stated that “You may delay, but time will not, and lost time is never found again”  Usually this is relayed in resolving procrastination, but I believe it still rings true to process improvement – avoiding wasted time!


What do I mean by Wasted Time?

Continuing to perform repetative tasks – there are many tools out there to automate many of your business processes – by not using them you are simply wasting your time.  A good indicator of this is the part of the job that you grow to hate.

Duplicating work – broadly speaking you shouldn’t need to duplicate work with technology – for example tie together two applications so that you aren’t needing to enter contact details into the two systems.  But it could be as simple as creating template emails so you can quickly respond to common questions instead of writing them out again from scratch each time.

Guessing, then back track – making tactical decisions and then back tracking isn’t only wasting time, it could be disastrous to your business.  Make sure you are using analytics and Business Intelligence to make informed and validated decisions – not only does this help with the planning, but also helps measure the effect and success of the changes.

Focus Creep – this one sneaks up on you.  You may have every intention of completing a task today, but before you know it you’ve started responding to emails, dealing with the daily grind, forgotten to take lunch and you’re driving home and realise you never even started the thing you intended.  Fixing this one is more about you rather than the technology.  I will write another post on productivity hacks, so stay tuned on our blog by subscribing.


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