What is CX and EX?

map lying on wooden table

We help you reinvent the way your customers and employees experience your brand and organisation. This is defined into two fundamental strategies: CX which stands for Customer Experience and EX which stands for Employee Experience. Both are pivotal in creating efficiency and effectiveness with your teams and customers, resulting in a powerful synergy that will […]

How to Create & Host Webinars using Microsoft Teams


Tips and tricks to help you deliver a professional virtual event Great News – Microsoft has recently launched webinars in Teams!!  This is great news for those of you who train or regularly present to a group of people.  Using Webinars, we can request registration for an event and have greater control while we present […]

How we automatically create recurring tasks in Microsoft Planner


Task Management using Planner The growth in clients utilising Microsoft Planner for task management in Office 365 has been incredible.  Team leaders are looking to have more visibility on tasks assigned.  Even individuals are loving being able to see all their tasks in the Planner app in Teams.  There has however been one major flaw, […]