Power BI Client Dashboard – Office 365 Licenses

Project Outline:

Phase 1 of the project was Automating the billing of the licenses, read more here.

Phase 2 – Our client Think I.T. who are an Auckland and Waikato based IT services company required a dashboard on their website to allow clients to view their Office 365 license count and users.  This had to be fully automated and Security was a priority too, so this had to be high on the scope requirements.  They already had Office 365 environment established and had existing licenses available for themselves to use.

The Solution:

The most obvious option, given they already had Office 365, was to develop a solution using the Office 365 toolset – namely Power BI (a Business Intelligence and reporting powerhouse).  We knew we could create and publish a dashboard to a public facing site.

We had to use API’s to extract the Client License data from the Microsoft Partner Centre (Think IT is a Microsoft Partner) which gave us the dataset for the dashboard.  We appended a demo database too, which helps with user training and testing.

For security we implemented a Unique ID for each client and automatically mapped that to the PowerBI Dataset.  The report was set to not display until the filters were set to the correct Unique ID.

This was then published to their Website successfully.

Check it out here if you are interested.



Power BI – for the dashboard

PowerShell – for the data extraction via API’s

Excel Online  via SharePoint – for additional lookup data storage & secured sharing for administrators

Word Online via OneDrive for Business – for Help Files


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