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About The Client

NonBk is a company offering clients loans for first homes, investment property, commercial property, rural finance, business loans and more. Their Auckland-based team services all of New Zealand helping make lending simple for clients.  

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Project Requirements

NonBk were struggling to get quality leads. Their Google Ads were underperforming, and their keyword rankings were low before working with us. They were unhappy with the quality of work of their previous agency and so were losing hope in being able to generate business through digital marketing efforts. Luckily, they came to us. They asked us to improve their SEO performance to help rank higher in searches and to help optimise their ad budget, as well as improve their Google Ads to receive more quality leads.

What Was Done For NonBk

First, we analysed their situation.

We first looked into their Google Ads as that was burning money for them. We saw that their Google Ads structure was incorrect so we fixed that asap.

SEO: To optimise their SEO, we first performed research to identify their needs and then correctly set-up their SEO accounts and structure. We improved existing content, fixed up their Google Business profile and helped them acquire backlinks. We also went further and suggested website design changes to improve their user experience. 

Google Ads: For NonBk’s Google Ads, we reviewed their account, rewrote the copy of their ads and tidied up their keywords. We connected their ads to the correct landing pages and improved their location targeting, creating new ads that were more profitable for the business. We also edited their negative keyword list to ensure they were only getting high-quality leads. Furthermore, we suggested web page edits that would help them to better convert clients. 

Our Provided Services:

The Results

nonbank results
Business Refinery explains things well, do what they say they will do and show evidence of this with a monthly review and goals for the next month. We are confident in their high-level of service.
Kim Lyons - NonBk

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