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St Andrews Village

About The Company

St Andrews Village is a retirement village with a modern and well-equipped care centre. They are a centre proud of their staff. St Andrews staff are genuine people who care deeply about their clientele’s needs. 

Project Requirements

St Andrew’s problem was internal. Their staff needed to find better, less time-consuming ways to process documents, handle procedures and update instructions. They also needed to standardise their document styles. This would allow them to focus on the more important part of their work, the people. 

They needed a smart way to manage and keep track of all their documents and their review cycles. As they are partly a medical and care centre this was very important. 

What Was Done For St Andrews​

EX - Policy & Procedure Management

When we first started working with St Andrews, we were not surprised to discover that like most organisations today, their in-house processes while organised could still be further ‘refined’. Hours of their staff’s time were being taken up by repetitive tasks like updating policies and procedure documents. Furthermore, staff found it difficult to keep track of who important documents needed to go to and who had to sign and read them. Their lack of a smart document storage system made it difficult for their staff to do their jobs efficiently.  

This is where our RPM solution for Process Documentation had the opportunity to shine. We deployed our RPM solution for St Andrews and provided them with training on how to use it. We also created customised templates to help St Andrews achieve consistency in their documentation and supported staff with document migration. 

Our RPM solution integrates with Microsoft Teams, which St Andrews use for their document management system. We integrated our solution with their teams to help improve their company’s document management and organisation.  

We implemented a structured and organised ‘smart library’ inside their sharepoint. Our ‘smart library’ is a structured and streamlined solution. Team members can now easily create, share and edit procedures, process maps and work instruction documents or more. This saves St Andrews valuable time, money and resources. 

Our Provided Services:

The Results

Looking forward to implementing the new document management system for St Andrew's Village (Aged Care and Retirement Village). Kudos to the Business Refinery Team for building this fantastic system. It is a game changer for St Andrew's Village.
MM Consulting NZ

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