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About The Company

Wildflours is a local bakery selling many delicious treats and specalise in Keto, vegan and gluten free treats like cakes, slices and cupcakes.

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Project Requirements

Wildflours is a local bakery selling many delicious treats and specalise in Keto, vegan and gluten free treats like cakes, slices and cupcakes.

They approached us when they were just about to start their new business because they wanted help to get off the ground and move digital quickly. This was during the pandemic once they had already made the decision to start their business. Wildflours wanted a creative logo designed to help them bring to life the vision they had for their bakery.  

They wanted something different with colours that could be printed on labels.  

Also, they needed a website that would help them sell their products online and make it easy for customers to order, choose and book delivery online.

What Was Done For Wildflours

Our Provided Services:

Logo Design

We worked closely with Wildflours to design their logo. From concept creation to the finalised logo, we collaborated with them to give them exactly what they wanted at every step of the process.  

We first started with the logo design based on the brief provided by Wildflours. We worked closely with our graphic designer to design a logo that was unique and true to their brand.  

Unique about the Wildflours logo is a special gradient effect. It was created to make the logo stand out when printed on a shop sign or as a label.  

We created variations of the logo so it can be used in various formats. For example, on Wildflours website, social media and on print materials.  

WordPress & WooCommerce Website Design

1. Web Design Process

For the website design process, we started by creating a simple website planning guide to help Wildflours list all the content they wanted on their website.  

Once the products were populated, we then designed the website to reflect the branding and the vision for the bakery.

2. The Booking System

The next step was to create a smart booking system that helped Wildflours manage their customer orders and helped them have enough lead time to prepare for bigger cake and customer orders. The smart booking system we implemented for Wildflours integrates and syncs to their google calendar, notifying them when they have received an order and automatically fills in the order date on their google calendar.

Furthermore, the system also puts in place a 3-day lead time for the baked goods which helps them better manage their workload.  

3. Delivery System

Additionally, there is a special feature on the booking system that helps Wildflours better serve their customers. The booking system customises different delivery options for customers based on their postal codes, helping customers know when to expect their orders.  

The Results

Wildflours is now able to successfully trade online through their new WooCommerce website which allows them to manage their online orders and workload quickly and easily.

This has helped them expand their business online significantly. 

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