Role of AI Chatbots in the Healthcare Industry

In the past couple of years, there has been a lot of buzz about AI (Artificial Intelligence) and the changes it is bringing about in various industries. From the social media channels, we virtually live on, to the IoT (Internet of Things) devices that power our homes, they all have AI running in the background which makes them smarter.  

In the year 2017 alone, AI-related start-ups raised 15.2B dollars in investments. Companies such as Google, IBM, Amazon, and Microsoft are investing heavily in the AI space to create products that are intelligent assistants.  The above companies have had the Medical sector on their radar, where they see limitless opportunities to develop products and applications that will impact the lives of billions of people.

In the month of May 2018, a team of German scientists have developed an advanced system that has a 95% accuracy of detecting skin cancer compared with the 87% accuracy by a panel of 58 skin cancer specialists from 17 countries.

It does this by scanning through hundreds of images and detecting patterns to identify tumorous cells. It then uses the power of AI to differentiate between a benign and malignant tumour and assist the doctor with fast and accurate detection.

AI is continually transforming things around us with its ability to analyse a huge amount of data and give us precise results. A study published in the Chatbots magazine states that chatbots can help reduce customer service costs by 30%. This is a significant figure which directly impacts the efficiency and cost savings for businesses. This becomes more important when we look at the time involved in service for clients in the Healthcare sector. Healthcare professionals spend 2/3 of their time either attending to patient queries or doing administration work on the PMS.  Some of this physical work can be replaced with the use of the intelligent bots that can answer queries by using the power of AI.

Just as more research is continually being perfected to identify what segments within customer service can be managed by bots, there is a new generation of chatbots that have evolved in the process called Navigator bots.

The primary goal of this bot is to point people in the direction of the information they are looking for on a website.  

Artificial Intelligent Chatbots For The Medical Industry
Using AI chatbots for booking appointments with your doctor

Let us take, for instance, a case where a patient needs to book an appointment for the next day, but the practice is closed so they can’t call in to book. In that case, a patient generally logs on to the website to do the booking. A website can be a tricky place to find the booking portal and generally patients get frustrated if they are unable to find it easily. The other challenge is the use of mobile devices. Most websites that belong to medical practices are created to provide information but are not optimized for mobile bookings. This makes it inconvenient for patients to easily book an appointment or find information when they are not using the desktop computer.    

Issues like this can be easily resolved with the use of Navigator bots. If a navigator bot is running on your website, the patient can just simply ask the bot for the information. It will then quickly provide the link for the booking and update them about things such as clinic timings and doctor availability. It can also be trained to answer other questions that can help save time.   

We at Business Refinery are looking to unlock solutions today that will make people’s lives easier, safer and more productive in the future. Hence, we have developed a Navigator Bot service whose core functionality is to help people find information on a website. We use Microsoft’s AI engine which enables the bot to be an intelligent assistant for your organization.  

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