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What is SEO?

SEO also known as Search Engine Optimisation is a process used to optimise your online presence on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and so on to increase your visibility. When done correctly this helps you improve your brand presence and acquire new leads. 

When you rank on the #1 page of Google you get around 80-90% of the leads for that keyword that people are searching for, to find a service or product . This is the key reason why most businesses invest in good and reliable SEO advise and management.

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SEO provides long term benefits

SEO help your brand image 

When you search a business on Google, each business is displayed differently. If you Google Noel leaming vs your business you will notice how they have a search bar for their products on Google and you don’t.  

Long Term Gains 

It is hard to get to the top of Google Search but once you do, your website becomes a lead generation machine. Fun fact- Top 3 searches for any keyword get 75% of all enquiries. 

Here is what some of our clients say:

Our seo services

Small Business SEO

Getting your small business ranking on Google can be challenging when you have just launched your website or you are in a competitive industry. We can help your business rank faster and generate leads. 

Local SEO

(Online reputation management)

Get found by people who live near your business. Post COvid-19 almost 70% people shop locally. Reviews on Google and Facebook are becoming increasingly important. Let’s help you maximise the potential of these platforms to get sales.

International SEO

International SEO is a different ballgame. Once you cross the borders with your SEO you need to know how your website can be optimised for multiple languages and different domains. We are the experts, let’s make the world your oyster. 

Enterprise SEO

Enterprise SEO goes beyond just ranking for keywords, once your business reaches an enterprise level, SEO start impacting direct sales and the overall brand. Find out how we have helped other enterprise brands in the market. 

Unique SEO Service Features

1:1 Video CAll Reporting

We like to keep things simple. Instead of just sending reports we jump on a 15 min call with you to run you through it. Nice and easy, so you are on top of your progress.

Ethical SEO Practice

We believe being ethical is more important than just making money. Once we take you on as a customer, we don't take your competitors on.


We like to be transparent about the work we do. We keep a track of the SEO work we do for you so you are not in the dark.
We have a live document where you can see the progress.

Bigger picture

When you come to us for SEO services, we also provide guidance around other online marketing activities that you are doing like Google Ads & Social Media Advertising to compliment your SEO.

Transparent SEO Process

Website and SEO Audit

First step is do an SEO audit for your website to find out the issues that are holding your website back from rankings. You will be surprised what we find!

1:1 Online Chat Post Audit

Once the audit is complete we then jump on a video call and run you through the issues. This helps you clearly understand your current SEO setup and any website issues.

Select Suitable Plan

We have SEO plans that are created with keeping the business needs in mind. We will share and explain each plan with you and help you select the best one depending on your goals.

SEO Setup

Once you have selected your plan we then get to the SEO setup stage. In this stage we find the best keywords for your business and write new SEO and implement it on your website.

Monthly SEO Management and Reporting

Once setup is completed we have special software that helps us track your SEO progress. We can also track your competitors progress against your progress. This helps us understand if you are making progress towards the #1 page on Google! 


Understanding SEO might not be easy for everyone. So we try to make it simple by answering questions in simple English. (No technical jargons)

Absolutely! As long as you know your goal with SEO. For small businesses, SEO helps them get found online, for medium to larger size businesses it helps them improve brand presence and improve direct sales. 

SEO search result is the one that come up organically without any advertising spend. Google ads are search results that come up when you pay for advertising through Google’s advertising portal. 

Yes, in the long run but if you want immediate results then Google Ads is better.
The best strategy is to do both but allocate the right % of budget based on your goals. 

For a new business you might need to spend 70% on Google ads and 30% on SEO and as you grow you change your % allocation as your reliance on Google Ads should reduce if your SEO is done correctly. 

Yes, absolutely! Having a good hosting helps your website speed. Website speed is considered one of the top factors that affect SEO performance.  

This is what everyone wants to know! It depends on 2 main factors- Your industry type and the competition for the keyword you want to rank for. We provide answers to this when you do the Free SEO audit with us. 

We Also Offer:

Make Google Ads Work

Google Ads is a powerful advertising medium to get in front of active buyers using Google Search to find a service provider or buy a product. 

Social Media Marketing

Don't be awkward, get social

With so many social media channels, it is tricky to pick the right social media channels that work for your business. 

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