Business Intelligence Services

BI supports better business decision making
Transforms raw data into meaningful information
Get a comprehensive view of your organisation
The power of data to driving change and profitable business decisions
Eliminate inefficiencies, adapt to market changes

What is Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence support fact-based decision making, by leveraging techniques or tools to transform raw data, into digestible and insightful information.

Company decisions are based on tangible historical data, as opposed to assumption or gut feeling. With business intelligence, organisations are empowered with the knowledge to make key decisions, which drive profitability.

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How it works?

Business intelligence tools are used to access and analyse data for your business. The main purpose of BI technologies is reporting, business performance, benchmarking, predictive analytics and data mining.

The available information is presented in an easy to understand format – reports, summaries, or graphs, which give you detailed intelligence, and knowledge of the current state of your business.

Connecting the dots of what Business Intelligence can do for you:

Before launching this software across your organisation right away, it’s key to be aware of the potential technical issues and the resistance of user adoption. Here are the steps of implementing Microsoft Teams to ensure a smooth transition and to avoid pitfalls throughout the process.


Now you know the value of BI and how effective it is for making business decisions and optimising your business plan, what are the next action steps?


Applying the right techniques and setting up the tools correctly, to ensure you receive the insights you need, to help make business decisions, is vital.

We’re specialists in this area, so contact us to help consult, uniquely design and implement your Business Intelligence solution, customised to work for you.

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Prebuilt Solutions: 

When do you need Business Intelligence and Reporting services?

Gain flexibility, agility and awareness, by using data analytics to uncover more of the unseen. This moves you to a proactive position, rather reactive – giving you the opportunity to make an impact.
If you want to be on top of your game, then the time to engage in business intelligence and reporting services, is now.


Pricing for BI software and services vary depending on company size, types of users and deployment, and customisation. Do you have power users that require full functionality or only specific features?
Here are our most popular options: On-premise, subscription hosting (cloud), or tailored support and implementation services.

Subscription (cloud-based) hosting (Recommended for +xx employees)

$0 / month
  • Ideal for smaller-sized businesses
  • Outsourced to off-site/cloud hosting
  • Monthly or annual subscription cost
  • Includes types of BI users
  • IT support and maintenance

On-premise hosting (Recommended for +xx employees)

$0 / month
  • Ideal for large business
  • Host your own data
  • Life-span licenses
  • On-site owned hardware, servers and other infrastructure
  • High data security
  • IT support
  • Pre-built solutions available:
    ⦁ PPM
    ⦁ Tiffany
    ⦁ Contact Tracing and Digital Guest Logbook

Full-service management

$0 / month
  • Implementation services
  • Access to BI specialists on-call
  • Installation of software
  • Software customisation to suit your business
  • Data migration
  • Database architecture
  • Dashboard template design
  • Software integration
  • Software training
  • Pre-built solutions available:
    ⦁ PPM
    ⦁ Tiffany
    ⦁ Contact Tracing and Digital Guest Logbook
  • IT Support and maintenance

What happens next?

Someone from the Business Refinery team will discuss your businesses’ current state, your goals, challenges, and how we can tailor a BI solution, to help you make data-driven decisions for your business.

Contact us. We’re excited to be a part of your IT crowd.

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