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Go paperless and replace manual processes with software
Improve business process efficiency, consistency and quality
Save costs and speed up turnaround time
Automated decision making
Say goodbye to printing, scanning, emailing
Artificial Intelligence (AI) Document Processing

What is Digitised Business Processes?

A digitised business is integral in today’s society where customers expect a seamless and quick user-experience. Becoming a digitised business is the process of abandoning traditional operating practices and replacing manual processes. There are many benefits including automated processes, faster turnaround, saving on resources and costs.

Sounds good – but what does digitising my business look like?

Digitising is using artificial Intelligence (AI) to process documents – whether that’s for business applications or digitising forms. Processing documents is one of the most time-consuming tasks when comparing the value added from the output of work and resources required.

Tasks could include the input of data, updating records, creating online folders. With AI, these tasks can be carried out automatically with the benefits of error-checking, pattern detection and organisation of data.

The process of automated document process offers guaranteed accuracy and runs 24/7 whilst you sleep, without having to deal with staff on sick leave, being late or running into boredom.


Connecting the dots of what Digitising Business Processes can do for you:

How it works?

Before we implement a digital solution, we encourage you to think about where you are currently at, where you are going and why. Successfully digitising the processes in your business requires a strategic stance and understanding of your business goals.
See the following digitisation stages involved below.


When do you need to Digitise your Business?

With the ever-evolving digital space, customer’s expectations are higher than ever when it comes to speed and quality of service. If you’re driven to improve business process efficiency, quality, consistency and save on costs – the time is now.


$0 / month
  • Digitisation software and hardware and upgrades
  • Training and support for staff involved in digitisation work (some training may be offered as part of contractual agreements with software and hardware suppliers)
  • Health and safety assessments and measures
  • Staff time to plan, establish and document the program with suitable parameters and benchmarks
  • Staff time to prepare records, digitise, apply metadata, do quality control checks, monitor and evaluate programs etc
  • Technical infrastructure and storage space for maintaining new digital copies
  • Providing software on desktops to view digital images
  • Training and change management strategies for all relevant staff including those accessing digital images
  • Ongoing maintenance and update of systems
  • Managing digital images over time (where relevant) e.g. costs of migration.


$0 / month

What happens next?

A Business Refinery consultant will chat through your business goals and requirements. From there, we’ll run through the Microsoft Teams options available to you and provide recommendations best suited to your situation.  Initial set up, ongoing training and support will also be accessible to you.

Have questions?

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