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What is Graphic Design?

Graphic design is the art of creating visual content to communicate your brand’s messages. It is a combination of many things, including page layout techniques, tactical typography, picture placement, and interactive designs.

Graphic design helps your audience visualise the ideas you are trying to put across, and embeds your message, creating more impact.

Visual concepts are formed by using design software, to communicate a message or idea, and are transformed into a myriad of forms and layouts.

Graphic design transmits your message through visual means to create a whole new user experience that builds on your brand identity.

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Why do you need professional Graphic Design services for your business?

When it comes to building your brand, consistency is vital. Graphic designers not only make information palatable and eye-catching, but ensures your visual identity stays in alignment with who you are, as you communicate your message to your audience.

Graphic designers are knowledgeable in a range of subjects including responsive design, whitespace, typography and colour theory. They put their specialist skills to create an impact for your business, across all mediums.

We understand that every business has different identities, different audiences, and different goals. Here at the Business Refinery, we go to great lengths to cater an approach that will suit your business.

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Hiring a graphic designer can provide you with the following:

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When do you need a Graphic Designer?

The beauty of graphic design is no matter what the size or stage of your business, there is opportunity to enhance your brand identity. Whether your business is a one-person start up, a multi-franchise, a graphic designer can offer services that will develop your brand and help it continually grow.

There is only one perfect time to engage with a graphic designer, and that time is now.

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Our Services

Here at the Business Refinery we offer a range of services and packages for you and your business:

Graphic Design Basic

$99 / month
  • x Brand logo designs
  • Brand guidelines
  • Social media design (basic)
  • x Revisions
  • Secondary logo designs
  • Website design and branding
  • Stock images for branding
  • Watermark
  • Newsletter design (MailChimp)

Graphic Design Intermediate

$149 / month
  • y Brand logo designs
  • Secondary logo designs
  • Brand guidelines
  • Social media design (advanced)
  • y Revisions
  • Newsletter design (MailChimp)
  • Website design and branding
  • Stock images for branding
  • Watermark
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How does the process of hiring a Graphic Designer work?

Once you decide you want to engage with a graphic designer, how does it all work?

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