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Unleash Microsoft Teams in your organisation with certainty and confidence, with our solutions and ongoing user education.

What is Refined Managed Teams?

You may be starting your Teams journey with your co-workers and just looking for some assistance, or you have already got Teams rolled out, but looking at ways to improve engagement and utilisation.

Our Refined Managed Teams solution is a toolset to make your Microsoft Teams deployment smooth for users and management.

After using Microsoft Teams for a little while you quickly begin to notice that Teams can get a little out of control – especially if Teams are being created without your knowledge.  With External Sharing enabled this potentially exposes your company data to huge risk that is out of your control.  The solution – User Education and Reporting.

If you are just starting your Teams deployment take a look also at Refined Teams Rollout.



If you aren’t part of a Team you lose oversight of what’s happening.  You don’t need to enforce your addition to every team as this doesn’t portray trust.

With our Weekly Reporting service you will receive a summary of:

  • New Teams Created,
  • New Channels Created,
  • New Members Added
  • New External Members,
  • Deleted Teams,
  • Deleted Channels,
  • Deleted Members.

Conveniently straight to your mailbox without having to dig around Admin Centres etc.

Archive Channels

Microsoft Teams has a limit of 200 Channels.  Often we find that companies soon hit their limit, or they just want to keep their channels tidy without losing content.

If you delete a channel you lose the conversation history.

Our solution converts the conversation history to a document and adds it to the files for that Team, which makes them searchable for future use.


User Education is the key to driving proper usage of Teams.  Our Teams Ongoing Education includes:


  • Access to Web Training and On Demand Content.
  • Invite your new and existing staff to our Teams Tuesday Live Events for up to date training and Q&A.

Get Updates & Tips and Tricks sent directly into your Teams.


Digital Transformation isn’t just one and done, it’s a long term continual change.  With our Refined Managed Teams service you will also benefit from an unbiased Quarterly Strategy call to help you plan out your transformation.

Strategy calls will cover:

  • Current Standings
  • Business Objectives
  • Current Challenges
  • Alignment with Technology Goals
  • Technology Awareness

Remember we are independent of your IT Service Provider

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