Refined Procedure Management (RPM)

What is RPM?

Document and manage your policies, processes and procedures with RPM

Refine your procedures using our custom build RPM solution directly in your SharePoint sites.

Following well documented and up to date procedures ensures your team achieve consistent results and experiences. You do this by having an easily searchable and well managed repository of procedures. Our solution gives you that, as well as easy to manage user security.

Management of procedures has 3 core elements – Broadcasting newly published procedures. Re-broadcasting changes to published procedures. Reviewing procedures on a cycle to ensure they are always up to date with the latest instructions.

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Lives in the Cloud

Benefit from the cloud so all your team can access your procedures at any time, on any device.
  • Hosted in SharePoint
  • Embed into Teams
  • Mobile Friendly

Easily Searchable

Search keywords across all your procedures, or filter views by category, type or even Application Tagging.

Application tagging allows you to tag procedures with application names, such as “Microsoft Office” so if you are looking for a collection of training materials you can filter by this tag.


Managing Procedures starts publishing well documented and logical processes. But it doesn’t stop there.
  • Collaborate in writing
  • Publish
  • Broadcast to Audience
  • Audience Acknowledges
  • Review Cycle
  • Update Changes
  • Republish
  • Re-broadcast changes


Getting your team up to speed quickly is essential. Using RPM you can mark a procedure as “Induction”.

Bringing in a new onboard, they’ll be assigned to all the induction procedures to review and work through as a task list.

Build Smart

Make RPM not just about storing procedures if staff want to search them.  Make it a workspace for actually performing the task.  Embed the forms, lists, training videos, tasks and documents into the procedure page so it isn’t just the “How to” it is the “To Do”.

That way every time a team member steps through the process they’ll be using the most current and up to date process, not the one they recall reading 12 months ago.

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