Microsoft Sharepoint Development Implementation Services

Get SharePoint working for you?

Launch your employee experience with SharePoint, a web-based intranet and content management platform. Streamline your day-to-day operations, share knowledge and empower team work.  Tailor the solution to fit your business, culture and team dynamics.

Bring new technology to the forefront with integrations into automated workflows, A.I. services and make it all readily available with powerful fast search.

Connecting the dots of what SharePoint can do


A well designed SharePoint Environment is intuitive and easy to use. Setting it up correctly to ensure it functions at its best and meets your company needs, is a challenge.  We’re experts in this field, so call on our SharePoint consultants to help discover, design and implement your SharePoint solution that’s customised to work best for you.

Why choose Business Refinery as your SharePoint service provider?

We are not like everyone else

Our clients deserve the best outcomes from their investment.  Our team are positioned to give you the best return on your investments by working with you in a collaborative approach, we get to know your business, we train your champions to drive the solution further and deeper into your business processes.  Together, from discovery to continual improvement we can bring our experience and provide you guidance and support, deploy customisations to fit your needs, and ultimately enable your team to thrive in the new modern workspace.

Custom SharePoint Development

Something else? Speak to us and we’ll customise a SharePoint solution for you.

Your SharePoint Journey

Whether you are starting from scratch or improving your existing sharepoint environment, we are here to help with every step.  Every deployment is unique, so your journey might deviate from the path if required, but that flexibility is what makes the solution so great.

Discover & Realise Your Company's Requirements

Lets take a look at your business, your team dynamics, how you work, what information you use, share and send. 

We'll work with you to design the perfect structure, with the future in mind.

Design & Configuration

Mapping out the perfect sharepoint site structure for your company’s needs and deploying our base configurations, and auditing your current information architecture.


Initial build of the design, with regular feedback sessions with your Team.

Preparation of any file migration can also be carried out at this stage.

Enhancements & Customisation

As your team develops their understanding of the solution and their departments needs, there is an opportunity to add function and customisations to your sites.

Champion Acceptance and Training

A selected group of users’ test SharePoint and final changes are made in preparation for the platform launch for all users.

This includes training to build confidence in creating content and managing user access across the sites.

Launch / Go Live

Final preparations for the sites, create a buzz amongst your teams of great things coming thier way.

Schedule final document migrations as necessary.

Launch day user training, getting all users up to speed quickly to immediately generate interest and value

Continual Improvement Evolution

We support your champions to ensure the deployment is maintained, secure and troublefree for your teams.

Our Managed Services includes strategy sessions to ensure the SharePoint Site and Platfom evolve with your business changes.

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