Case Study: Customer Satisfaction & Reporting for Think I.T.

Think I.T. needed a system for collecting customer satisfaction results. They already had a system, but it had some shortcomings and costs were due to increase. Think I.T. engaged with Business Refinery to remap the process and look for improvements. About Think I.T. Think I.T. are an Auckland & Waikato based MSP (Managed Services Provider). […]

Automated Billing Process – Office 365 Licenses

Project Outline: Think IT is a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) which means they resell cloud products like Office 365 licenses to their clients.  They paid for an application “developed in the USA” which was already expensive and had major limitations in its design.  The cost of the application also fluctuated with the exchange rates so […]

Power BI Client Dashboard – Office 365 Licenses

Project Outline: Phase 1 of the project was Automating the billing of the licenses, read more here. Phase 2 – Our client Think I.T. who are an Auckland and Waikato based IT services company required a dashboard on their website to allow clients to view their Office 365 license count and users.  This had to be […]

Mobile App – Employee of the Month Nomination

Brief: Create a Mobile App for staff members to nominate each other using the 3 pillars of Success (Categories). Result: We created an internal use app hosted on Office 365, using PowerApps.  This made of a few simple pages, one introduction followed by a form. Once the app was created, we ran staff training sessions […]

Application Integration with Hubspot

Think IT is a mid-sized IT company based in Auckland, servicing nationwide clients for IT support and Infrastructure. This particular project arose when Think IT implemented a marketing tool HubSpot, which has the ability to import a list of contacts via csv file from their service ticketing tool.  However it was obvious that maintaining two […]