What is CX and EX?

We help you reinvent the way your customers and employees experience your brand and organisation. This is defined into two fundamental strategies: CX which stands for Customer Experience and EX which stands for Employee Experience.

Both are pivotal in creating efficiency and effectiveness with your teams and customers, resulting in a powerful synergy that will positively and successfully transform your business.


Customer Experience (CX)

When dealing with us, you will hear the term CX often. CX is short for Customer Experience. Customer experience is every touchpoint or interaction your customer has with your business.  We help you uncover and understand the journey your customers experience with your brand, so you can ensure you are satisfying your customers at every touchpoint or engagement they have with your business.


Why Customer Experience is important?

Customer experience is vital to your brand’s success, as there are many touchpoints your customers will pass through before, during and after buying from you. These stages are all important as it only takes one negative experience for that customer to drop-off.

Here are 4 key reasons why CX is crucial for your business:

  • Brand Trust & Brand Loyalty
    Just like your personal relationship, every time you have a great experience with someone, you are more likely to trust them. It goes the same with brands. Customers with a positive experience with your brand are more likely to trust your brand and stay loyal.

  • Drives Competitive Advantage
    Exceptional customer experience will not only encourage your customers to stay with your brand, but also motivates them to become advocates of your brand. This emotional connection with your brand will boost your chance of standing out from your competition, especially in today’s competitive market.

  • Increase Your ROI
    Satisfied customers will bring in more customers through word of mouth marketing. By providing an excellent customer experience and exceeding their expectation, this will ultimately increase your ROI massively.

  • CX becomes a part of your culture
    When being customer-centric is a part of your organisational culture and you align your employees or reward system with this – it creates a positive synergy in how your staff engage with your customers. This results in better customer interactions and happy employees.
customer experience

Our Customer Experience Services include:

Google Analytics & Reporting

A powerful tool that will provide you with key insights into the strengths and weaknesses of your website. With these measures in place, you can identify problems, opportunities, how people are finding your website, who your audience is, which pages are converting, which are losing your customers and how your campaigns are performing. Find out more


Google and Facebook Ads

Ads allow you to advertise your business on Google and on Facebook. When a user googles a question or phrase, ads relating to the keywords are included in the search engine results.  Facebook ads run on Facebook, Instagram news feeds and Messenger chat feeds. Your ads stream to profiles that match your targeted demographic, making your campaigns laser focused. Find out more


Graphic Design

This is the art of creating visual content to communicate your brand’s message.

This can include responsive design, typography, colour theory and more. It is not only about making information palatable, but ensuring your identity is consistent and in alignment when communicating your brand to your audience. Find out more



It is written content with the aim to increase brand awareness and to motivate audiences to take a particular action and ultimately, drive sales. A word-form of salesmanship, but it goes beyond that. Copywriting is storytelling – crafting words to engage the hearts and minds of your customers. Providing reading that’s educational, entertaining, valuable or inspiring for your target audiences. Find out more


Website Design & Development

A well-designed and developed website elicits trust with your audience and helps to keep your leads on your page. We will translate your brand vision and develop a highly functional website to ensure we’re delivering on objectives that are aligned with your business goals. Find out more



SEO is short for search engine optimisation. It’s the process of optimising and improving your online content to rank high on search engines and increase website visibility for relevant searches. The better visibility your pages have in search results, the more likely you’re able to attract prospective and existing customers to your business. Find out more

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Employee Experience (EX)

EX stands for Employee Experience. This is how your employees interact with your business and is the internal processes you have in place which facilitate this. Employee Experience is the journey of an employee within your organisation. This will highly influence how your people engage with teams, their productivity levels, their growth with your business and their overall wellbeing which links to staff retention.


Why Employee Experience is important?

Your people are your biggest asset and will directly impact the success of your business. When employee experience is positive, naturally your staff will be satisfied, engaged and productive. This will lead your people to work more efficiently, effectively and deliver results to improve your bottom line.

Here are 4 key reasons why EX is crucial for your business

  • Retain talent
    People desire to be in a workplace that puts their people as a priority and nurtures a positive work environment. This leads to attracting and retaining skilful staff in your organisation.

  • Collaboration and teamwork
    A positive employee experience will promote collaboration among colleagues, inspires creativity, innovation and high functioning teams.

  • Boost your company image
    Your company reputation is important to the success of it. Your employees are also your brand advocates, so you want to ensure your employees speak positively about you, and others will have a good perception of your company.

  • Boost your bottom line
    When employees are happy, they will perform at a higher calibre, be more efficient and will exude positivity in the workplace. This will ultimately lead to a growth in sales.
employee experience

Our Employee Experience services include:

Business Intelligence and Reporting

Supports fact-based decision making, by leveraging techniques or tools to transform raw data, into digestible and insightful information. Company decisions are based on tangible historical data, as opposed to assumptions or gut feelings. With business intelligence, organisations are empowered with the knowledge to make key decisions, which drive profitability. Find out more


Digital Business Processes

This is the process of abandoning traditional operating practices and replacing manual processes with automation. Digitising is using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to process documents – whether that’s for business applications or digitising forms. Find out more


Microsoft Teams

Transform your team productivity levels and up your collaboration game. This user-friendly application combines Microsoft Office communication and collaboration features together in one place. Easily stay in touch with your colleagues when off-site or remote working. Find out more


Microsoft SharePoint

Manage your employee experience with SharePoint, a web-based intranet and content management platform. Streamline your day-to-day operations, share knowledge and empower teamwork. Features are customisable to suit your business needs. Find out more


Refined Procedure Management (RPM)

Refine your procedures using our custom build RPM solution directly in your SharePoint sites. Following well documented and up to date procedures ensures your team achieves consistent results and experiences. You do this by having an easily searchable and well managed repository of procedures. Find out more


Refined Managed Teams

Our Refined Managed Teams solution is a toolset to make your Microsoft Teams Deployment smooth for users and management. You may want to look for some assistance and ways to improve engagement utilisation and minimise the risk of exposing company data. Find out more


Refined Teams Rollout

Our Refined Teams Rollout guides you through the process of delivering Teams throughout your organisation to reduce the risk of failure. When it is well implemented, it will become your central workspace for everything you do. Find out more

“Loyal employees in any company create loyal customers, who in turn create happy shareholders.”
– Richard Branson
microsoft teams

With CX and EX, this is business transformation

To summarise, CX is delivered through various touchpoints with your customers such as via online, customer service support or in-store. EX is delivered through recruitment, team culture, processes, procedures or performance reviews.

When we look at experience more holistically, both components require a human-centred approach to deliver more meaningful experiences for both customers and employees. Internal organisational culture and thriving employees flow through to the customer’s experience with your brand. With CX and EX combined, creates a powerful synergy and business transformation.

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